Sports and Entertainment Law
As you might expect, the sports and entertainment industry is unique and full of complex legal issues, issues which can make or break a successful career and future. At the Law Office of Edward P. Bronston, we provide legal services to professional athletes, authors, professional artists, media personalities, coaches, on-air personalities, actors and entertainers.

Our clients rely on us to council, negotiate, and draft player and marketing contracts, and to structure their business relations and stabilize their professional careers. We strive to promote our client's image in order to provide them with new and exciting marketing and business opportunities to increase their earning potential. Our experience includes:
  • Negotiating Player Contracts
  • Legal Advice and Assistance
  • Marketing and Endorsement Counseling
  • Image Counseling and Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Financial Management
  • Career-related Services
  • Post-career Planning
  • Creating Business Opportunities
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